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"Assisting Medicare Beneficiaries With Their Medicare Health Insurance Options"

Questions about your Medicare Health Insurance.... WE CAN HELP!
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Welcome to Camille Thomas Insurance

Camille Thomas is dedicated to helping Medicare beneficiaries throughout the nation.  With the aging of America, the Baby Boomer's are looking for assistance with their Health Insurance and Financial needs.  I take great pride in being that resource to accomplish their individualized needs.

One of the major concerns a person has when they do retire or turn 65 is how to cover or cap their medical costs which can be catastrophic.  That is the goal that Camille Thomas will accomplish for you by finding the most suitable yet affordable plan tailored for you.

It is important to learn about the benefits you may be eligible to for your healthcare. Whether you are on Medicare or newly eligible to Medicare there are various options to choose from and each has specific features and benefits.

Do you know the difference between?
  • Medicare Supplements
  • Medicare Advantage Part C plans
  • Prescription Part D plans

With an abundance of choices, this can be a very complex process for an individual to handle.

Camille Thomas is YOUR SOLUTION!
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Medicare can be confusing.... BUT WE MAKE IT SIMPLE!

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GlicRx has a national network of drugstores and retail outlets, including Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, Costco, Kroger, Publix, and many others. That’s nearly 35,000 pharmacy locations in the US that have partnered with GlicRx to offer lower prescription prices.

You can find participating pharmacies near you by searching for your zip code on, the GlicRx mobile app or calling our member support line at 800-984-4031.

The actual amount saved varies depending on the pharmacy and medication and is subject to change. Our pricing tool on and in the GlicRx mobile app allows you to search for the best pricing in the area by zip code. If the pharmacy’s price- or if Medicare or insurance pricing- is lower than the GlicRx discount card price, you will always be able to pay the lower price. The average savings off of retail prices is currently $35 per eligible prescription.
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What We Offer
Simplifying your
Medicare Journey

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